What is Fragile / Express Delivery and what is the process of availing this?

  • Latest update: March 3, 2021

We would like to inform you that in this New Year Pathao is not only adding a new mesmerising section in their delivery system but also reducing the time of Express Delivery

Although we have always tried our level best to provide you a flawless service, some of you were disappointed as we did not have the facility to deliver Fragile items. Now, Pathao has opened this new wing so that you can deliver these items within 8-12 hours (Maximum).

For your better understanding the pricing plan and delivery time is provided below-

Fragile Product DeliveryExpress Delivery
Delivery FeeBDT150 for first 1KG and for further BDT 20 per KG BDT150 for first 1KG and for further BDT 25 per KG
Delivery timeSame day (8-12hrs)2-3 hrs
Dimension2CFT (In general)2CFT (In general)

Here is the list of items category we will cater under Fragile Delivery

  • Cosmetics
  • Liquid grocery
  • Herbals
  • Gift Items 
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Lights
  • Glass items
  • Food items (dry)

** With Express Delivery, you can deliver all sorts of legally accepted items.

Another great news is, from now on you will be able to deliver Cooked Foods (Home made food items) under “Express Delivery” mode

Recapitulating the fact, we have always tried our best to make your deliveries faster and more secure. Hopefully, this will solve many of your problems. Now you can deliver your fragile items without any worry. Stay with us for our new updates, which will ease your business just like the previous initiatives do.