I don’t get any ride requests. What should I do?

To get request notification, please follow the steps below: On your phone, go to settings > Go to Sound & Notification > Go to notification settings > Select App Manager/ Notification manager > Find Pathao Drive App & select that > On Allow Notification, Priority & Sound notification

Set up your app properly to get ride requests by following the steps below: On your phone, go to settings > Go to app settings > Press Maps > Clear
In the same way, Clear Cache of Pathao Drive app in the following way: Clear Cache of Pathao Drive App > Go to Pathao Drive App and set your location by pressing GPS button on home page

Then, Go to google maps app > Set your present location by pressing GPS Button > Go to settings > Go to Google location settings > Check Pathao drive app to use in high accuracy mode Once all the steps have been completed, restart your Pathao Drive app.
In case the problem is still not solved, UNINSTALL the driver app and re-install the updated version it from Google Play Store.

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